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A Gift with Real Meaning

A LifeTime Private Autobiography is the greatest gift you can give to a loved one. Generations to come will honor and enjoy your stories. The carefully crafted words on the pages will be yours, from your interviews and become your precious legacy.

Ali Levin in Boston explains…
“The idea that I gave him a gift that had real meaning, meant a lot to me. The fact that he’s enjoying it, you can hear it in the page. Giving him the gift of remembering really happy times – you can’t give someone more than that!”

Ali Hall


A large format personal autobiography written from 12 face-to-face* meetings. 15 beautiful, impressive hardbacks, ‘Imperial’ size, with audio highlights.

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Your Royal size private autobiography is captured, forever, from 12 face-to-face* meetings in 10 beautiful hardback books and includes a 1-hour audio recording of your voice.

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Have 2 Authors?
View our Together Package


Our premium personal autobiography package, written from 14 face-to-face* meetings. Printed and bound in beautiful hardback linen with one gold-embossed leather Author’s copy with all 20 copies gift wrapped and 10 audio highlights.

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Your story. Told by you. Written by us.

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