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LifeTime Private Autobiography

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The Gift of a Lifetime

Your story. Told by you. Written by us.

Your memories and stories in a beautifully designed book for the whole family to enjoy through the generations.

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Preserve Your Legacy in 3 Simple Steps

LifeBook Interview
1 Personal Interviews

We match each author with one of our highly trained interviewers. They will enjoy a series of face to face interviews which are recorded at the author’s home.

Professional Ghostwriter
2 Professional Ghostwriting

The recordings are developed into a manuscript by one of our professional ghostwriters, carefully selected to work with the author and capture their voice.

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3 We Create Your Book

After a final review and the author’s sign-off, our team will then create a beautiful section-sewn and handcrafted book.

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5-Star Rating

The experience has been a wonderful thing for both myself and for my father. I love the story about how he met my mother - it’s priceless. - Linden Lawson, 1st client, 2012

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The Experience of a Lifetime

A personal autobiography written from 12 face-to-face meetings. 10 beautiful hardbacks, traditional ‘Royal’ size, with audio highlights.


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A large format personal autobiography written from 12 face-to-face meetings. 15 beautiful, impressive hardbacks, ‘Imperial’ size, with audio highlights.


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A couple’s personal autobiography, written in two halves from 20 face-to-face, separate meetings. 20 beautiful hardbacks, traditional ‘Royal’ size, with two audio highlights.


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Our premium personal autobiography package, written from 14 face-to-face meetings. Printed and bound in beautiful gold-embossed leather, with 20 gift wrapped copies and 10 audio highlights.


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We operate globally with authors, interviewers and writers all over the world.

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